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Elementary (A2): 一边 (yī biān)

This Talk About The Pictures (看图说话, kàntú shuō huà) is taken from our Elementary Level A2 Chinese Grammar (Part 2) live 1-on-1 course.

Intermediate (B1): More uses of 比 (bǐ)

This Talk About The Pictures (看图说话, kàntú shuō huà) exercise guide is taken from our Intermediate Level B1 Chinese Grammar (Part 1) live 1-on-1 course.

100 Chinese History Keywords

We created this helpful vocab list with our friends at China Simplified. This list will help you hold your own in a conversation about Chinese history, should the opportunity arise…


Much of the material offered on this page is taken from our Themed Courses. We hope the material is helpful for you in your studies. Of course, practicing alone is not as effective as practicing with a teacher. And some materials were just made for our courses! All our courses offer ten 1-on-1 live online lessons with professional native Chinese teachers.

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