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How do I learn Chinese?

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AllSet Learning offers a complete, personalized solution to learning Chinese that really works.



At AllSet Learning we offer a complete, personalized solution to learning Mandarin Chinese that really works. Our tailored courses ensure that you reap the greatest rewards from your learning efforts across all areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing. We get to know your needs and tailor the course in a way that works for you.

Led by Shanghai-based linguist John Pasden, AllSet Learning focuses on the real needs and interests of each client, building an academically sound custom curriculum for each client from the ground up. This learner-centric approach is very different from what local schools offer, and will greatly accelerate the learning of motivated individuals.

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We offer a range of products which have evolved out of our years of helping individual learners master Chinese in a modern, efficient way without cramming boring textbook stuff down anyone’s throat. From our Chinese Grammar Wiki to our graded readers and Pronunciation Packs, our products equip the modern learner to building fluency while staying focused on what’s important to them in their Chinese studies.


Paul Forbes, REal Estate Executive

“Before the AllSet Learning Online Grammar Lessons, I struggled for a long time to find a reliable solution to learning Chinese with online tutors. Previously, I had issues with tutors who were unreliable or not very good teachers, struggled to find topics to discuss, and always needed to help a new tutor figure out my level and what I know. All of those issues have been solved with the AllSet Learning Online Grammar Lessons.”

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Andrew Wang, Executive

“I've been an AllSet Learning client, off and on, for years. My work schedule has always been quite busy, but AllSet Learning has consistently been very accommodating, allowing me to work in lessons whenever I can. The personalized nature of the service also means that the lessons I've been studying are relevant to my life and practical, and when I need lots of extra review, I always get it. Plus I really enjoy the conversations I have with AllSet's teachers, who are always both nice and very patient!”

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Stewart Beck, Author
and Entrepreneur

“What attracts me most to AllSet Learning (and has kept me as a long-term client) is their customized classes and personalized service. We focus on what I want to learn with no wasted time or effort. John and team consistently search out interesting, relevant study material, then assign multiple teachers who can help keep things fresh with a shared commitment to my progress.”

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