What is AllSet Learning?

AllSet Learning is a consultancy which definitively answers the question how do I learn Chinese?

Many learners come to Shanghai with the expectation that simply being in China, combined with a little studying, will be enough to reach fluency. The reality can be quite frustrating. Language schools are also extremely disappointing. AllSet Learning offers an efficient, customized approach that goes far beyond what any one school, tutor, or website can offer alone.


Language learning is a fundamentally human activity. Because the goal is effective interaction with humans, the process must also be full of human interaction. AllSet Learning emphasizes human communication first and foremost, whether it be between teacher and student, student and other native speakers of Chinese, or student and consultant. AllSet Learning’s approach is human through and through.


Modern technology offers a host of exciting new tools for language learning. AllSet Learning has developed its own sophisticated system for computer-assisted linguistic analysis of target material, which translates to better recommendations for the student, more efficient learning, and better results. The degree to which technology plays a role in the student’s actual Chinese studies with AllSet Learning, however, is fully customizable. Tech-savvy students will be provided with ample tools to make full use of the student’s resources, but more “old-fashioned” non-techie students will not have technology forced upon them. AllSet Learning’s system will still be working for them in the background, as it informs the consulting recommendations and analysis.


By focusing on human interaction above all else, with technology in an assisting role, AllSet Learning offers an experience unlike any other. Our consulting services are designed to fit and enhance your learning style, not to shoehorn you into a school’s business model.

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