1-on-1 personalized Chinese


Check out what some of our previous clients have said about our personalized course services and our 1-on-1 online courses.


Paul Forbes, Real Estate Executive

“Before the AllSet Learning Online Grammar Lessons, I struggled for a long time to find a reliable solution to learning Chinese with online tutors. Previously, I had issues with tutors who were unreliable or not very good teachers, struggled to find topics to discuss, and always needed to help a new tutor figure out my level and what I know. All of those issues have been solved with the AllSet Learning Online Grammar Lessons. First of all, the teachers are fantastic and very reliable. I have never had a teacher be late or miss a class. The teachers quickly adapted to my Chinese level and have a great style of teaching. Because the lessons are sent to me ahead of each class, I have time to prepare for the lesson to get more out of the lesson, but also to free up time for more one-on-one conversations.

“To be clear, the lessons are not just about learning grammar. The grammar points are there and you do learn them; however, the grammar points really just provide a framework for each lesson, with the lesson mainly being a fun and great way to improve speaking ability and listening comprehension.

“You could roll the dice with other online tutoring services (like I did) and maybe come across a good tutor after searching for awhile (like I didn’t), but I would strongly recommend that you try out AllSet Learning’s Online Grammar Lessons first. They will save you so much time and frustration and you will progress more rapidly that you would think possible and have fun while doing it.”


Andrew Wang, Executive

“I've been an AllSet Learning client, off and on, for years. My work schedule has always been quite busy, but AllSet Learning has consistently been very accommodating, allowing me to work in lessons whenever I can. The personalized nature of the service also means that the lessons I've been studying are relevant to my life and practical, and when I need lots of extra review, I always get it. Plus I really enjoy the conversations I have with AllSet's teachers, who are always both nice and very patient!

Since having children, life has not gotten any less busy, but I've come to appreciate the personalization in a new way, since it's often more useful to talk about simple childcare in Chinese rather than practicing for a company speech. I definitely recommend this service to anyone with specific learning needs and a hectic schedule.”


Stewart Beck, Writer/Producer

“What attracts me most to AllSet Learning (and has kept me as a long-term client) is their customized classes and personalized service. We focus on what I want to learn with no wasted time or effort. John and team consistently search out interesting, relevant study material, then assign multiple teachers who can help keep things fresh with a shared commitment to my progress.”


Chris Marquis, Professor

“I worked with John and his team during a 5-month stay in Shanghai and was amazed how much my Chinese improved. I really appreciated how everyone put so much emphasis on making sure what I was learning would be useful for my work. This included a number of conversations with John about my the type of vocabulary and content that I could immediately put to use, and this was then well reflected in the selection of lessons and exercises and grammar points that were covered. I was frequently amazed at the creativity and thought that went into designing each lesson to keep things interesting while also making sure that my learning was cumulative. And teachers are really fantastic, they made the learning very fun and relevant. Frequently my Chinese lesson was the highlight of my day.”


Lucas Englehardt, Entrepreneur

“After reaching a point with my Mandarin where I was able to easily communicate but still sounded like a "laowai," I felt I needed some targeted tough love to fix my mistakes and help me get to the next level. AllSet provided just that by giving me recorded assessments and experienced teachers with trained ears for catching small mistakes. While helping me strengthen my foundation, John and his team have used tailored material to help me learn the specific vocabulary I need to do business in China. Highly recommended for serious learners.”


Sheila Seiler, Math Teacher

“AllSet Learning is the best thing to ever happen to my Chinese. My teacher made me feel so comfortable speaking and listening to Chinese during my first lesson that I didn't even realize two hours had passed- and the longest amount of time I had ever functioned in Chinese prior to that class was five or ten minutes. Working with AllSet Learning not only helped me to expand my vocabulary and improve on my knowledge base, but it helped me to feel more comfortable with using Chinese outside of the classroom.”


Kevin Mogg, ASL Interpreter

“When we finished our last session, I really felt like I had accomplished something. John joined us near the end of the lesson and recorded a final assessment that I could compare with my beginning and mid-course conversational samples. He also counseled me about strategies for continuing study when we returned. I felt excited about my ability to communicate and have renewed motivation to continue studying after I am home. Fortunately I live in San Francisco and there are many opportunities to speak Chinese there.

I really appreciate the coordination and expertise that AllSet Learning provided me. On a relatively short trip such as mine, saving time and focusing your efforts are very important. John and his team helped me to achieve so much more than I could have done on my own.”


Aurélie, Shanghai Expo Manager

“No matter what your current level in mandarin is, AllSet Learning is definitely the best way to learn Mandarin for the following reasons: it always focuses on your weaknesses that you will finally get to know clearly, you will study only topics that you are interested in and get constant feedback and support between 2 lessons. The teachers are all very well trained and professional, and John is always here to make sure that your studies are taking the path you want to.

Finally, it is also the perfect solution if your schedule is not fixed as you can plan and reschedule your lessons in advance. I strongly recommend AllSet Learning to anyone willing to get deeper into mandarin study and accelerate the learning process by making this hard task a real delight.”


Ken Ooi, Recruiter

“John is a tremendous coach, passionate, inspirational and full of new ideas. I highly recommend him to anybody seeking to improve themselves through personalized advice. He brings value in his ability to think of new ideas, advise and consult on lifelong learning and development.”


Adam Thurland, Graphic Designer

“In the past I had found the range of different learning methods available for studying the Chinese language to be quite daunting and I had wasted a great deal of time testing these different methods, trying to find something that worked for me.

I think this has been where AllSet Learning has provided me with the most help, by using the consultancy service you are already tapped in to a wealth of knowledge with regard to Chinese learning, the company has a researched and solid grasp of the methods that really work.

I have been able to really mix things up but without becoming overwhelmed. I have my regular teacher but AllSet Learning also provides me with the option to change at anytime or combine two teachers on different days, this has been supplemented with regular group exercises and the use of various simple to use computer software. With all this combined I have managed to keep my interest level high and progress consistent avoiding the risk of the study becoming stagnant.”


Tyler, Student

“They say it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to teach a fully grown adult how to not only speak and comprehend Chinese, but to speak and comprehend Chinese in a way that can be effectively employed in real life. Although the traditional classroom environment established a solid foundation for my Chinese language studies, it was not until enrolling at AllSet Learning that I was able to detect and correct my deficiencies. With the expert assistance of John and a team of teachers, I was able to fine tune my tones, expand my vocabulary, and strengthen my grasp on those pesky grammar points that always seem to elude my tongue throughout the span of everyday discourse. Most Chinese classes can tell you the HOW but not the WHY of the Chinese grammar; AllSet's unique approach fills in those blanks -- and a lot more. John's background as an academic linguist, plus his ability to empathize with the struggles of native English-speaking adult learners, elevates AllSet to a unique place at the top of Shanghai's crowded Mandarin learning marketplace. Big thanks to everyone at AllSet for a great experience!”