A2 Chinese Grammar (Part 2)

A2 Chinese Grammar (Part 2)


This course includes 10 one-on-one lessons with a professional native Chinese teacher and focuses on key elementary grammar points and how to use them. This course builds on the grammar learned in A2 Chinese Grammar (Part 1).

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Online Lessons with the Grammar Focus You’ve Been Missing

Hopefully you’ve been using the Chinese Grammar Wiki as a part of your Chinese studies for a while now. But so often, you need extra practice with grammar to make it truly stick, and that’s exactly what this course is for. We’ve spent years editing useful Chinese Grammar Wiki content, and now we’re ready to apply that to personalized online lessons with AllSet Learning teachers. This course focuses on the Chinese Grammar Wiki’s A2 Grammar Points. (You don’t need the print book to do this course, but it certainly doesn’t hurt!) (See part 1 here.)

Targeted A2 Grammar Points (Part 2)

We know which A2 grammar points are the trickiest, not just because we created the Chinese Grammar Wiki, but because AllSet Learning clients in Shanghai are studying these grammar points with our teachers on a daily basis, and our teachers are giving a continuous stream of feedback. Certain grammar points simply need more practice to fully master, and we’ll work with you on those.

Remember: this course is not about learning these grammar points for the first time; it’s about practicing using them, so that you can make them your own.

What this A2 (Elementary) 10-Lesson Grammar Course covers:

  • Change of state with 了 (le): this one confuses everyone, but you can get a handle on it

  • Expressing duration with 了 (le): extending that mastery of 了 (le)

  • Expressing location with 在 (zài)… 上 (shàng) / 下 (xià) / 里 (lǐ): it doesn’t end with just learning 在 + a place!

  • Working with Measure Words: at goes well beyond just counting!

  • Result complements 到 (-dào), 见 (-jiàn), and 完 (-wán): these are super common, and using them correctly will make your Chinese much more native-like

  • Expressing “from” with 从……到 (cóng… dào) and 离 (lí):

  • Verbs that take double objects: it’s not every verb that can pull these tricks, so you need to get these straight

  • Expressing “everything” with 什么都 (shénme dōu): the word “everything” is problematic in Chinese, so this needs special attention

  • Review, Review, Review: because what’s the point if it doesn’t stick?

Of course we’ll provide the relevant Chinese Grammar Wiki links for all study material in advance, along with instructions and exercises you can do ahead of time. This way you can study up before each lesson and maximize the practice time with your teacher, freeing you up to talk, talk, talk with our teachers.

What You’ll Get

  • 10 online lessons, 60 minutes each, targeted at your level

  • 1-4 carefully selected grammar points for each lesson, covered at an optimal pace (no rushing!)

  • Grammar exercises designed to be flexible and responsive: the higher your level, the more time spent on focused conversation rather than simpler drills you don’t need

  • Experienced, trained AllSet Learning teachers patiently guiding you

We recommend that you do 2 or 3 lessons per week to maximize progress.

How You Will Study Each Lesson

Your assignment for each lesson will be posted to the AllSet Learning Hub, our platform for managing our clients’ studies. There you will see what you need to prepare in advance, as well as the exact material (1-4 grammar points from the wiki) your teacher will cover with you during each lesson.

In each 60-minute lesson, the following material will be covered by your teachers:

  • Vocabulary and Grammar Review (from your previous lessons)

  • Main Grammar Points of the Lesson (using our flexible 3-tier system–see below)

  • Sum-up and Assess (can we move on to the next module, or do you need to keep working on this one? …plus integrated pronunciation feedback.)

Our Adaptive 3-Tier System

Every learner can’t be at the exact same level, so we can’t simply design a course for the “ideal” learner. Instead, we’ve designed a flexible 3-tier system which gives the lower-level learners more practice with the basic reading skills, and the higher-level learners more time practicing speaking.

  1. Mechanical Exercises. We start with these to make sure you can handle the basic form. These are easiest, and they’re a good place to start if the grammar point is entirely unfamiliar. If the grammar point is not entirely unfamiliar, you should breeze through these.

  2. Improvisational Exercises. While still providing part of a sentence, we’ll expect you to come up with the rest. This is a bit more demanding, and requires more imagination and vocabulary.

  3. Free Practice. Finally, you’ll be expected to put the grammar points to use for a specific task. It may be some kind of discussion or role-play or story to tell. Your teacher will remind you to keep using the grammar points as necessary, and correct you as needed.

Our Teachers

All of AllSet Learning’s teachers have been trained by John Pasden in person in Shanghai. They encourage communication, correct pronunciation, and hold our clients to a higher standard. They’re also quite engaging to talk to!

To guarantee flexibility and schedule coverage as full as possible, each of our clients will have multiple teachers. Teachers coordinate and follow their clients’ studies through the AllSet Learning Hub.

Lesson Policies

We offer flexible scheduling and a money-back guarantee. Check out the details on our policies here.

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