This Modern Chinese Life (Intermediate)

This Modern Chinese Life (Intermediate)


This course contains 10 one-on-one lessons with a professional native Chinese teacher and prepares intermediate learners for a wide range of practical areas of modern Chinese life.

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What You’ll Get:

10 live, one-on-one online lessons, 60 minutes each, targeted at your level

  • One carefully selected topic with accompanying dialog for each lesson

  • Grammar points which match the material and suit the discussion

  • Vocabulary tracking based on what you actually cover with our teachers

  • Experienced, trained AllSet Learning teachers patiently guiding you and encouraging you to talk

Topics Covered in This Course

What this 10-Lesson Discussion Course covers:

  1. WeChat Communications: It’s no longer a matter of if you use WeChat, it’s a matter of how you use WeChat, and there are some vital points to cover.

  2. Mobile Payments: No one uses cash or even credit cards anymore. Make sure you can keep up in this consumer paradise.

  3. Food Delivery: Can you believe that some people dine almost exclusively on delivered food? Discuss this key element of modern society.

  4. Mobile Shopping: No one has time to go to the store anymore. Talk about the ultra-convenient way the Chinese buy everything now.

  5. Ride Hailing: You’re not still trying to flag down a taxi, are you? You need to know about Didi.

  6. Bike Sharing: The “last mile problem” is real, and Chinese everywhere are using these bikes to solve it.

  7. Modern Travel and Transport: Getting lost isn’t quite a problem of the past, but getting around is still way different.

  8. Favorite Apps: We all have our favorite ways of wasting time on our phones. Get clear on what the Chinese equivalents are.

  9. New Ways to Exercise: If you’re into fitness in China, you’re probably partnering it with technology in some way. Get clear on the trends.

  10. Generation Gaps and the Future: OK, so not everyone is equally tech savvy. What does that disparity look like in modern China? Where is it all going?


Your assignment for each lesson will be posted to the AllSet Learning Hub, our platform for managing our clients' studies. There you will see what you need to prepare in advance, as well as the exact material (one new topic with dialog in each lesson) your teacher will cover with you during each lesson.

In each 60-minute lesson, the following material will be covered by your teachers:

  • Vocabulary and Grammar Review (from your previous lessons)

  • New Topic with Dialog (using our flexible 3-tier system--see below)

  • Sum-up and Assess (can we move on to the next module, or do you need to keep working on this one? integrated pronunciation feedback.)


Every learner can't be at the exact same level, so we can't simply design a course for the "ideal" learner. Instead, we've designed a flexible 3-tier system which gives the lower-level learners more practice with the basic reading skills, and the higher-level learners more time practicing speaking.

  1. Dialog Content. We start with these realistic exchanges to provide social context and relevant vocabulary. These are not long, but they're a good place to start if the topic is not super familiar to you. When the topic is quite familiar, this should go quite quickly and smoothly.

  2. Vocabulary and Grammar Practice. If you understand what you've read, you may have a passive familiarity with the words and patterns in the chapter. Some of the vocabulary includes common but newly coined terms, however, so don't be surprised if you've never encountered it. These modules are designed to make sure you can actually use them to express your own ideas.

  3. Guided Discussion. Finally, you'll be expected to share your ideas and experiences related to the main topic. It's a great chance to share your views on current trends, and to learn about how the teacher applies technology in his or her daily life in China. Your teacher will encourage you to use the vocabulary and grammar covered today, and to correct you as needed.


All of AllSet Learning's teachers have been trained by John Pasden in person in Shanghai. They encourage communication, correct pronunciation, and hold our clients to a higher standard. They're also quite engaging to talk to!

To guarantee flexibility and schedule coverage as full as possible, each of our clients will have multiple teachers. Teachers coordinate and follow their clients' studies through the AllSet Learning Hub.


We offer flexible scheduling and a money-back guarantee. Check out the details on our policies here.