Vygotsky: Life is Learning

Vygotsky has been one of the big names in education circles in recent years. EdTechLife shares a great quote that really resonates with what we’re doing here at AllSet Learning:

Our only concern is that there exist within the very nature of the educational process, within its psychological essence, the demand that there be as intimate a contact, and as close an interaction with life itself as might be wished for…. Ultimately, only life educates, and the deeper that life, the real world, burrows into the school, the more dynamic and the more robust will be the educational process. (Vygotsky, 1997, p. 345)

Because AllSet Learning eschews the institution of the school for total one-on-one learning, Vygotsky’s words ring especially true.

And another particularly prescient view on the learning of the future:

In the city of the future , there will not be any one single building from which we might hand the sign, “school,” because the very word “school”… will be absorbed altogether in work and in life, and schools will be held in factories, and in the public square, in museums and in the hospital and the churchyard.” (Vygotsky, 1997, p. 346)

Sounds good to us.