2011 Fall Intern: Jonathan


Jonathan Pope hails from the UK, and chose AllSet Learning to fulfull his graduate studies internship requirement at Yunnan Normal University. We were certainly happy to have his help! While working on his masters in international Chinese education, Jonathan also participated in the Chinese Bridge competition, where he proved that his spoken Chinese and knowledge of Chinese society and culture are both extremely impressive.Jonathan helped with research of grammar information, research of pinyin and alternate romanization methods, teacher training, and iOS and video resources evaluations, among other things. Perhaps what left the strongest impression about Jonathan was his strong desire for clarity and accuracy in all that he touched.Here's what Jonathan had to say about his time with AllSet Learning:

Chinese masters courses are not known for their hands-on nature, so having the opportunity to intern at a company like AllSet Learning has been a great way to get a more practical perspective on Chinese teaching. From editing and researching grammar resources to choosing kid’s cartoons for clients to attending teacher training, I found that I was never far from the learner. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot of Chinese while being here, and found I have a lot of problems that I didn’t realise I had before.It’s also been great to get to know a bit more about Shanghai; it has a dynamism that Kunming lacks (although I admit you would probably struggle to find a more laid back place than Kunming). This seems to have had its effect; I think after being here I might well have caught the start-your-own-business bug…

Jonathan also has the distinction of breaking the record for total internship hours (previously held by Hugh), working full time for 6 full weeks, and we really appreciate his contributions to AllSet Learning. We also look forward to seeing what Jonathan will do next in China!

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