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Keywords   Chinese Grammar Wiki

When studying Chinese, it’s always good to have a few keywords that can unlock a host of grammar structures. Lucky for you, we have them, on our new Keywords page on the Chinese Grammar Wiki! By linking up the words to the grammar points that they are related to, we’ve made it so that you can see what sorts of constructions they’re a part of. Keywords can also be found in the Grammar Box at the top of the articles, just in case you wanted to see other related constructions for that word.

This page is particularly useful if you know that a phrase contains a certain word, but you don’t know what other kinds of situations it belongs in (or what the structure means in the first place!). If this is the case, all you need to do is find the word in the list and it will take you right to that page. Another option is using the search bar. We have pages in both pinyin and hanzi, so you can search for either one. Then the wiki will take you to a disambiguation page, allowing you to choose the right topic. It’s just another way to make the Wiki easy to navigate and makes finding grammar that you want to study simple.

Another way the Keywords page is useful is if you want to study the many uses of a particular word (I’m looking at you “了”). If this is the case, all you need to do is type in the word, and you will find a list of all the constructions that use that word. In the case of “了” you might be there a while, but by the end of it you would know all about its various uses. (Sidenote: We’ve also added a special “Uses of le” page, because it’s a point that really deserves special attention.) Finding keywords is a great way to kickstart your memory and learn a lot of different ways to express yourself with just one piece of vocabulary. Don’t pass up this opportunity.

If you are confused about a specific use of a word, or if you want an overview of all of its uses, the new Keywords page will meet that need. Here are a few keywords to get you started:

Find the full list of Keywords on the Chinese Grammar Wiki.