2013 Summer Intern: Mei



This summer we really enjoyed working with our first ever design intern, Mei (May) Tong. Still a design student in Toronto, Mei came all the way to steamy Shanghai this summer for work experience. We had plenty of design work saved up that we were happy to work with her on!Mei is originally from China, but has been living in Canada for most of her life. As a company always working to bridge cultures, we appreciated the dual-culture perspective she provided.Mei's description of her internship with AllSet Learning:

I returned to Shanghai to learn about China's taste in design and the role of a graphic designer in Chinese companies. AllSet Learning was an ideal company to experience this, due to the mixture of American and native Chinese employees. I was able to get feedback on my designs from everyone, which helped me grasp what worked and what didn't.In the short time I interned at the company, I was able to design a logo and some iPad app content. The logo took a considerable amount of time as we explored many, many options such as color, placement, type, and size. After finalizing the logo, I moved on to re-designing the look and feel of the Chinese College Kids content for the Chinese Picture Book Reader iPad app.Apart from the designs, the office was a great environment to work in due to the always entertaining and unusual conversations that happen to come up. It was also great to be able to work on the designs in the office with John so that he can participate in the process and give me his opinions along the way. The people at AllSet were always friendly and helpful, which made it a fun place to work. I was able to practice my Chinese during our talks at lunch, where I learned that I have an accent (probably from living in Canada). That was the first time I had heard this, making me realize that I still have a lot to learn.

Thanks for joining us this summer and creating with us, Mei! We look forward to seeing what you do in your career as a graphic designer.

InternshipJohn Pasden