Chinese Picture Book Reader Released



AllSet Learning has just released its second iPad app, Chinese Picture Book Reader. The app is free and comes loaded with free graphics-heavy material for learning Chinese, as well as additional in-app purchase content.The app was originally designed by John as a reaction against Chinese children's books, which seem like a great study material at first, until revealed to be almost universally frustratingly difficult. Then there are the "bilingual story book" iPad apps which are clearly not designed for adult learners, because the language toggling and pinyin placement in these apps is typically not at all conducive to self-study. This app tackles these problems.Lastly, there is the issue of content. How many "4-character idiom story" apps must come along before the people are crying out for something fresh and new? This app accepts that challenge, with three different types of content out of the gate:[gallery link="file"]

  • College Kid Interviews is a series of three free mini-books, each of which asks one question to various Chinese college kids. Hear the answer in the voice of real Chinese college kids, and also see their answers written in their own handwriting. For Intermediate-level learners (and especially suitable for college kids).

  • Oscar & Newton Go to the Park is a fun story about two mischievous dogs. It can be for kids, but adults won't find it annoying. It's written for a "high Elementary" learner of Chinese.

  • Mr. D & T3 Leave the City is an Intermediate-level story set in a post-apocalyptic steam punk world with dinosaurs and some pretty serious environmental issues. The amazing original artwork was drawn by a local Chinese artist.

We've got plans to continue creating fun, new, visual-oriented content for learning Chinese. Please support our efforts by downloading the app, buying the content that interests you, and helping to spread the word!