2012 Fall Intern: Dan


Daniel Emery hails from London, England, and has had most of his Mandarin training through private tutors. He arrived in China this year determined to get his Mandarin up to a rather high level, and we were happy to help. Dan had a very full 6 weeks of intern work at AllSet Learning this fall. While almost every AllSet Learning intern racks up quite a few hours helping to build out the AllSet Learning Grammar Wiki, Dan was also able to contribute in the field of law. Dan was AllSet's first intern that had been through law school, so he was able to give some much-appreciated recommendations with regards to contracts and other legalities.In Dan's own words:

I had been a fan of John's Sinosplice Blog for quite a while before I applied for an internship at AllSet Learning. I wanted to find an internship that would give me both the opportunity to sample life in a Chinese office environment and develop my Mandarin skills, and AllSet Learning seemed to fit the description. During my time here I've worked on the company's Grammar Wiki site, tested its new Mandarin learning apps, helped compile lesson plans, update its Facebook page, participate in speaking practice sessions, as well as help plan the company's Halloween party. I've even been asked to advise on a few legal matters, which has forced me to revise material that I will be using in my future career, which can be no bad thing. All in all then it's been a productive six weeks, not only in respect of my Mandarin moving forward but also the new friends that I've made, both in the office and through the networking events the internship has enabled me to attend. 总体来说不错!

Dan did a great job contributing to the Grammar Wiki while also getting plenty of speaking practice with our teachers, which is exactly the best way to do it. We'll miss you around the office Dan. (Also, the Xinjiang guys want to know when you're going to show up for your free meal.)

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