2012 Summer Intern: Parry


Parry Cadwallader made a huge contribution to AllSet Learning this past summer. Since AllSet Learning has tons of ideas for how to use technology to improve our clients' learning, computer science majors are always welcome. And Parry (website) was a particularly outstanding IT intern. He helped us with wiki upgrades, AJAX tools for mobile devices, and NLP data processing. From our perspective, it was a seriously productive 2 months!Here's what Parry had to say:

Spending a summer programming for AllSet Learning was the perfect merger of my two passions: computers and Chinese. I got to spend 2 months building tools to help present and future learners of Chinese; all the while improving my personal skills as a programmer and as a Mandarin speaker. And these weren't old school tools, either, but the cutting edge: adding semantic web data for AllSet Learning's grammar wiki, building web applications for a new generation of tech-savvy users, and expanding the deep backend that helps teachers and students learn effectively and efficiently. Plus, I got to work on my tones –– you can never have enough tone practice.

Although we regret that we didn't have enough games of Settlers of Catan this past summer to satisfy Parry's voracious appetite, at least we were able to help him add a few more beers to his tally.We'll miss you, Parry!

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