Chinese Grammar Wiki BOOK: Elementary


Now you no longer need an internet connection to look up the latest Chinese grammar point that’s giving you trouble. The AllSet Learning Grammar Wiki BOOK series brings to ebook format everything that made the Chinese Grammar Wiki the internet’s #1 reference for Mandarin Chinese grammar:

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Chinese Grammar Wiki

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The AllSet Learning Chinese Grammar Wiki was originally developed as a resource for AllSet Learning clients, but has been made publicly available. It is a comprehensive resource for all Mandarin Chinese grammar issues, organized by difficulty level and thoroughly referenced.

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Chinese Pronunciation Wiki

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Following the model of the successful Chinese Grammar Wiki, the Chinese Pronunciation Wiki is another free, public resources that brings together all the information needed to conquer the pronunciation challenges posed by Mandarin Chinese. From pinyin to tones to regional accents, this wiki covers it all, and even has a great interactive pinyin chart.

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AllSet Learning Online Store


AllSet Learning has a number of digital products available on its Online Store. Although the initial offerings are focused on pronunciation, future products will focus on other aspects of Chinese learning.

Whether you’re studying on your own or with a teacher, AllSet Learning’s Online Store has products that can help you improve quickly.

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AllSet Learning Pinyin

The AllSet Learning Pinyin chart is the only pinyin chart for the iPad and iPhone to make full use of zooming and panning controls to make pinyin study easy and enjoyable. The interface is simple, clean, and ad-free. Every pinyin syllable has audio (just tap on a syllable to hear a native speaker recording), and toggling between the four different tones of Mandarin Chinese is easy.

More advanced students of Chinese will enjoy the pinyin chart’s support for alternate phonetic representations of Mandarin Chinese. The app comes with support for the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for free, but other romanization systems like Wade-Giles, as well as alternate representations like zhuyin (used in Taiwan) are available by in-app purchase. The app is also available in multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Thai, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

Download for free from the App Store.

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Chinese Picture Book Reader

The Chinese Picture Book Reader marks AllSet Learning’s foray into visual Chinese language learning material on the iPad. Designed to be a learner-friendly alternative to Chinese children’s books and boring adult materials, the Chinese Picture Book Reader combines eye-catching visuals with fun and non-traditional content.

The app features Chinese characters (simplified or traditional), pinyin, and English on every page. The learner can easily swap between them with a quick swipe on the text box. Audio is also provided for both Chinese and English on every page. All material is original, and both free and paid content is available through the app.

Download for free from the App Store.

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