Year One Complete

This month marks the end of AllSet Learning’s first year of operations. We’ve been sort of quietly slaving away on lots of things behind the scenes in this first year, but this year we’re excited about starting to offer some of what we’ve been working on more publicly. That means we’ll be posting more on the blog this year.

Whatever projects we work on behind the scenes, though, you can be sure that our clients will always benefit from them, and our ultra-personalized learning consulting services are going strong.

We also just moved to a new office this month. We’ve left Xindanwei, the co-working space that supported us and served as our base of operations in our first year. We’ll always be grateful to Xindanwei for the support, but it’s become clear after this first year that the business is growing steadily, and we need more space for expansion. Hence the new office.

The new address is:


Suite 201, 351 Wuyi Road (near Dingxi Road)

Better pictures to come soon, but in the meantime, here are some shots of the new AllSet Learning office, should you seek it out.

The entrance to the office complex, from Wuyi Road:

The entrance to the office building we’re in:

Inside the office: