The Chinese Grammar Wiki is now an ebook!


At the end of March, AllSet Learning officially released the "Elementary" (A1-A2) volume of an ebook series that reformats the Chinese Grammar Wiki content for portable ebook format. It is already available for Amazon Kindle, and will soon be available in the iBook store as well. Basically, we took all the A1 and A2 grammar points, polished them up, and put them into an ebook. At the same time, we added some other useful content, like a Beginner's Guide to Grammar, as well as a Bilingual Glossary of Grammar Terms. Links that go to content not included in this first ebook are removed, so that everything makes sense, and the interconnected nature of the resource is preserved. The ebook is long and thorough; just this "Elementary" (A1-A2) volume is as long as many other books on Chinese grammar that aim to cover all levels.Since it's already online for free, why buy the Chinese Grammar Wiki content as an ebook? Here are some great reasons:

  • Sometimes going online is not practical, or your internet connection is not fast enough. Ebooks never slow down.

  • Search is basically instantaneous through your ebook reader, and if the "Elementary" (A1-A2) level is the right one for you, you can be sure that everything your search turns up is relevant.

  • If you're working on the "Elementary" (A1-A2) grammar points, it can be nice to have a self-contained set of material to work through. The ebook format makes it very browsable.

  • Have you been using the Chinese Grammar Wiki for a while, and would like to support it? Purchasing the ebook (for yourself, or as a gift to a friend or Chinese teacher) is a great way to do that.

Even if you're not looking to buy any ebooks, the release of this new ebook is great news for all users of the Chinese Grammar Wiki. Here are three big reasons why:

  1. To release this ebook, we had to do more thorough proofreading than we ever had. There was a fair amount that needed cleaning up. There were titles that needed fixing, pinyin that needed correcting, translations that needed tweaking, and even whole articles that needed to be divided up or moved to different levels. We spent almost a year making all those changes.

  2. Completing all the edits for A1 and A2 means we are finally able to devote more time to B1 and B2. And that's exactly what we've been doing! So you higher-level learners don't need to worry... This year we'll be adding more grammar points, more sample sentences, and more analysis.

  3. Finally, the wiki has been growing nicely over the years, and also gaining popularity among college students. Anyone who would like to support this project now has a great way to help us grow: help spread the word about our ebook! The more people that know about it and buy it, the faster we can grow this resource.

Thank you for your support! The Chinese Grammar Wiki BOOK: Elementary is now available on Amazon.

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