Introducing the Chinese Pronunciation Wiki


We originally launched the Chinese Grammar Wiki in 2012. We honestly didn't think it would be this long before we launched our next free resource, but it turns out fleshing out the Chinese Grammar Wiki was a ton of work (who would have guessed, right?). We are not at all finished adding to the Chinese Grammar Wiki, but it's high time we released our second major wiki resource: the Chinese Pronunciation Wiki.The need for the Chinese Pronunciation Wiki is very similar to the original need for the Chinese Grammar Wiki:

  • Consolidated Information: You can find most of this information out there on the internet now, if you take enough time to really look, but it's scattered, and some of it is bad

  • Organized by Level: Although pronunciation takes a while to master, the various points that need to be covered are rarely presented in a leveled way, making clear what comes first and what comes later

  • Minimal Jargon: Information should be presented in plain English, with additional notes for the linguists that want them



Our clients in Shanghai need this info, and we're pretty sure a lot of you learners out there will find it useful as well.Here are the points we put extra time into for this release:

Here are some other areas we'll be fleshing out next:

  • more on tones

  • illustrations and diagrams

  • other more advanced issues

There's actually a ton more we've got planned. Every pinyin initial, final, and syllable has its own page, and we have some serious interlinking going on. We'll let you know when we make major updates, but sign up for our product newsletter to make sure you don't miss out!

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