AllSet Learning Pinyin 1.7 Released


The AllSet Learning Pinyin iPad app has just recently gotten a significant upgrade (to v1.7) and been released on the App Store. Certain models of iPads were reporting less-than-stellar performance for quick pan and zoom operations. In short, the app was a little crashy for some people! We're happy to report that the offending code has been optimized, and now you can pan and zoom on the new app without crashing, at speeds that you couldn't possibly need to pan and zoom at. Ah, stability!In addition, we've started localizing the app. In order to support the non-English-speaking countries that most passionately download AllSet Learning Pinyin, we've delved into our download stats, and determined that the following languages were most in need of representation by our app:

  1. Brazilian Portuguese

  2. Spanish

  3. Thai

  4. Japanese

So now AllSet Learning Pinyin's App Store description has been translated for all four of these languages, and the app itself will be fully localized for these languages in the next release as well. For now, the app itself has already been localized for simplified Chinese (zh-cn) and traditional Chinese (zh-tw). This means that anyone that has their iPad language set to Chinese should see an all-Chinese interface when they open the AllSet Learning Pinyin iPad app.We're really happy to see more and more Chinese learners download our app day after day. If there's any way we can make this app even better to support you in your studies of Mandarin Chinese, please let us know at apps@allsetlearning. Thank you!