2018 Spring Intern: Jocelyn


Jocelyn Kwong is a Chinese Flagship Program student, and did her full-time internship with AllSet during the spring of 2018. Since she had impressive Chinese skills, Jocelyn was able to handle whatever tasks we gave her, from Chinese Grammar Wiki editing to cultural research. We also gave her some OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) practice so that she could ace her exam.

I first found out about AllSet Learning through the Chinese Language Flagship program. At first I was intimidated to work at a Chinese company for the first time, but Allset Learning prioritized my needs and made sure my opinion was heard. Everyone that I worked with was passionate about language learning, and I enjoyed exploring Chinese grammar and culture in my internship experience.For my main project, I was given freedom to create fun social media posts for the Chinese Grammar Wiki and AllSet Learning social media accounts. My side project was editing the B1 section of the Chinese Grammar Wiki. These two tasks kept me busy throughout the internship phase and I'm glad I got to see their fruition. Through editing the different pages on B1, I was able to relearn sentence patterns and grammar points, re-enforcing my own understanding of Chinese grammar.真心感谢John、陈世霜、薇薇、李炯、马丽华、还有大卫!谢谢你们帮我练习OPI 考试问题。 午餐的聊天都很充实,每天都能进行有趣的谈判,我学到了很多有关中国的知识 。

Thanks so much for all of your hard work, Jocelyn! The B1 version of the Chinese Grammar Wiki book is due out soon, and we couldn't have done it without you. Please come back and visit us anytime.

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