2017 Summer Intern: Audrey


Audrey Brady came to AllSet Learning via CET, with solid Chinese skills and plenty of enthusiasm for marketing. Since the release of the Chinese Grammar Wiki print book was just around the corner, her arrival couldn't have been timed better. Not only did Audrey execute the marketing tasks she was given, but she also came up with lots of great new ideas that helped AllSet to get the word out about its products.Here's what Audrey had to say about her internship:

Spending time abroad in China during my college career is something that I have known I wanted to do for a while now. When it came time to find an abroad program, my classmates recommended CET, saying that the internship component of the program was unique and by far the most valuable part of their time in China. That being said, I applied to spend the summer of 2017 in Shanghai, China through CET. When it came time to start the internship process, the internship coordinator at CET, Jenny, put me in touch with John at AllSet Learning. From the moment I read the description of what John was looking for in an intern, I knew AllSet was the place where I wanted to spend my 8-weeks in Shanghai. They were looking for a marketing intern with some experience in Chinese, which was perfect for me because I am a business and Chinese double major, and am hoping to do something relating to marketing in the future.My time as an intern at AllSet Learning has been more valuable than I ever could’ve imagined. I was given the opportunity to essentially make all of the social media marketing posts for the company, as well as help John with ideas on how to market the launch of their new print book (everyone go buy one on Amazon!!!). Not only was I able to gain experience in marketing through working at AllSet, I was also able to improve my Chinese every day that I went to work. From editing the grammar wiki to creating grammar wiki twitter posts, to the Chinese-only rule in the office, it would’ve been impossible for my Chinese not to see major improvements.Being able to work at a small company allowed me to actually feel like I was needed, the work I was doing was actually useful, and that my time there was well spent. Often times, you hear of interns that don’t really do much and aren’t trusted with many tasks, but at AllSet I was trusted with doing more than I ever could have imagined possible as an intern. The skills I have learned during my 8-weeks here are ones that I will take with me forever. I am now also aware of a great resource, the Chinese grammar wiki, which I can use my as I continue to study Chinese in the future. Overall, I could not have asked for a better internship experience. To all of the AllSet team, thank you for taking me under your wing and giving me the opportunity to learn new things and make the most out of my time here. I’ll miss you guys!

Thank you, Audrey, for bringing such enthusiasm to our marketing efforts. It's not every day we have interns with such a knack for it!

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