2016 Fall Intern: Jenna


Jenna Salisbury, a CET study abroad student from Union College, interned at AllSet Learning for about 4 months in late 2016. Jenna was a great help in editing the Chinese Grammar Wiki (especially in adding those badly needed new B1 grammar points), and also demonstrated "memerific" talent on the social media side, bringing some needed humor to the topic of studying Chinese.

I began interning with AllSet Learning as part of my study abroad program's internship requirement. As a Chinese and English double major, the experience of working under a group of Chinese language consultants and linguists was both incredibly valuable and insightful.During the course of my three-month internship, my responsibilities included editing and suggesting new additions to the Chinese Grammar Wiki, test reading rough drafts of Mandarin Companion books, and managing AllSet’s various social media accounts. Working on the Chinese Grammar Wiki alongside John and Chen Shishuang really improved my understanding of grammar points, both new and old. In addition, reading and reviewing the Mandarin Companion books provided awesome opportunities to broaden my vocabulary and reading comprehension.Perhaps one of the most fun tasks was managing AllSet’s social media pages. Working alongside Weiwei, we created new ideas designed to both enhance AllSet’s social media viewership and fuel discussions regarding China’s culture, language, and current events.Definitely a major highlight of interning with AllSet Learning was working with the AllSet team, Weiwei, Chen Shishuang, and John. While with the AllSet team, I was educated on linguistics terminology, Chinese language, and project management. The attention and time I was given meant a lot to me, and helped me grow both professionally and personally. From day one, I was welcomed into the AllSet team, and it is their patience and support that really made this experience an amazing one. Thank you!

We'll miss all the fun that Jenna brought to the office, and the fearless attitude she displayed toward practicing her Chinese.

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