2015 Summer Intern: Liza


Liza Fowler, a rising junior from Champlain College, was no stranger to foreign countries when she started at AllSet Learning, but I think it’s fair to say that China has a few special challenges all its own. Liza had studied Chinese two years previously but was quite rusty, so she was glad to give her neglected skills a workout at our office.

Liza helped a lot with Chinese Grammar Wiki editing and social media marketing efforts, so if you ever find yourself chuckling at our tweets or Facebook posts, that might be her handiwork.

Liza’s account:

Interning for All Set Learning was an amazing experience. Not only did I gain work experience in a professional setting, but I also had Chinese lessons from incredible teachers. Whether just making jokes, discussing cultural differences, or practicing my tones, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by an amazing group of warm people who welcomed me and made my experience in China so much more fun.

My daily tasks varied from making edits on the Chinese Grammar Wiki, to finding interesting articles about China for the social media accounts. Both of these were beneficial for more than just “work” experience. The Chinese Grammar Wiki improved my Chinese language skills, and looking for articles informed me of current events. These combined added immensely to my Chinese cultural experience.

Arguably, the best aspect of my internship, however, was the people. I will so greatly miss all the wonderful people I met! Thank you John for providing me with such an incredible opportunity, Chen lao shi for perfecting my tones and our interesting and insightful side-tracked conversations, and, of course, Wei Wei for always making me smile, ordering me all the delicious foods and being my Chinese sister! I have you all to thank for my global perspective and you will always be remembered as one of the best and most important parts of my Chinese experience!

Liza made some great friends in our office, and we’ll miss her. Liza, you’re always welcome to come back for a visit… don’t wait until your Chinese gets too rusty!