2015 Summer Intern: Dominic



Dominic Pote was still a high school student when we interned for AllSet Learning, working on building his resume as he prepared for the college application process. Dominic was a truly international student, with a parent from Hong Kong and a parent from the U.K. He had spent some time in Hong Kong, but had mostly grown up with in international group in Pudong, Shanghai. He joined our team for the summer with already decent Chinese, and we put it to good use!Dominic had the design skills we needed, so rather than working on the Chinese Grammar Wiki, we put him to use designing and laying out ebooks, iBooks, and Adobe InDesign print books. He also got to help with the early test reading of the new Level 2 Mandarin Companion title.Dominic's account:

As I was doing my internship at Allset learning, many of my friends were also doing internships at other larger companies. Initially I thought they were better off, but after a while I realized I was getting a much better experience. Working in a smaller firm not only provided a much more friendly environment and a healthy workplace, but being a part of a growing business is a great way to learn about entrepreneurship.My role centered around graphic design, granted something I don’t wish to pursue in the future, but I enjoyed being a part of something where I was contributing to a real product. I used existing art and text assets to create both ibooks and physical books, one being a bilingual children's book and one being a book centered around teaching chinese. One interesting aspect that I never expected was the idea of problem solving. When I thought of “problem solving” I assumed it would involve mathematical equations or ethical dilemmas. However, problem solving can be any simple problem such as “how to copy a table from this document without changing the format,” which I thought would be easy, but was surprisingly difficult, and required more thinking “outside the box” than I expected.Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Allset learning and recommend anyone out there looking for some good work experience to take up an internship here.

Thanks a lot for the help, Dominic! Even if you don't go into graphic design, your hard work here will live on in the form of our books. (You're thanked inside the books.)

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