2013 Spring Intern: Erick

Erick with the iPad

Erick with the iPad

Erick Garcia, a senior in the Nanjing Chinese Flagship Program, has recently completed the longest and most productive AllSet Learning internship to date! Erick helped standardize and upgrade the ever-growing Chinese Grammar Wiki, and was also able to use his excellent Chinese skills to start work on the forthcoming Advanced (C1) grammar points.Besides the Chinese Grammar Wiki, Erick helped with iOS app testing (both the Pinyin and the Picture Book Reader apps), and was even able to help lead our efforts to localize the Pinyin app in multiple languages. Erick also reviewed new iPad apps and other potential study materials, took demo classes to provide feedback on new teachers, and helped develop some of AllSet Learning's new products. He was an important part of the team over the past four month.Erick's description of his time at AllSet:

I have been a reader of Sinosplice for a few years now, so I was familiar with AllSet Learning almost from the beginning of the company. I have always been passionate about Chinese, language learning, and technology, three things that are at the core of AllSet Learning. I was glad to have the opportunity to intern while participating in the Chinese Flagship Program.In short, you can say that I learned a lot. I learned a lot about how wikis work with the Chinese Grammar Wiki, learned about social media marketing, learned how to properly beta-test apps while testing the Pinyin app and the Picture Book Reader, learned about interviewing potential teachers and reviewing resumes, and learned how to train other interns and write up training materials.I was able to use my Political Science training in statistics to help analyze customer data and suggest possible data visualizations, and able to use my Chinese knowledge while laying the foundations for the advanced section of the Chinese Grammar Wiki. I was able to take a few test lessons, and I did my best to push my Chinese abilities. I was able to contribute by suggesting ideas for apps, and give suggestions and ideas for future projects.I definitely learned and relearned a lot of Chinese grammar, and appreciated being able to speak Chinese all the time.My wife and I enjoyed living in Shanghai. We think it's a fun city, and it's more fast paced than Nanjing. We loved living here and we have had many opportunities to meet interesting people and of course, eat lots of fantastic food!

We really appreciate everything you've done, Erick. You've always got friends at AllSet Learning!