2012 Summer Intern: Pavel



Pavel Dvorak, translator, tour guide, designer, and b-boy from Slovakia, just recently completed a summer internship at the new AllSet Learning office. Since Pavel's native language is not English, he did a great job of whole-heartedly embracing the Chinese-only office language rule (while certain AllSet staff enforced the rule with near-fascist zeal).During his 6-week internship, Pavel helped with research of grammar information, the a recent Chinese Grammar Wiki upgrade, and lots of other wiki editing, learning a ton in the process. Pavel also did some great work in Photoshop, helping with mockups for some of AllSet's learning aids to be released in the future.Here’s what Pavel had to say about his internship at AllSet Learning:

I had heard about AllSet Learning and their work before I got the chance to do an internship there. I have always admired their work and it was a great experience to work with the AllSet Learning team. I came to Shanghai without any plan, contacts, and without any starting point. Even though I had to do a lot of extra work to survive, I am really glad that AllSet was my first step toward living in Shanghai. I found out how a modern company in Shanghai works, what it means to work in Shanghai, and I also found out that my tones are much worse that I could have ever imagined. (I want to thank especially Wu Mengmeng for her diligence in repeatedly correcting my tones.:) ) It helped me to move one more step forward in understanding China and helped me to improve my Chinese a lot. It was a great 6 weeks and I will stay in touch with all of them even after my internship is over.

Pavel's blog on China is in Slovak (but hey, that's what Google Translate is for!), but he has a personal introduction in English. Fortunately we won't have to miss Pavel too much after his internship, because he landed a job across the hall in the same office building!Thanks for all your hard work, Pavel! We hope you'll stop by for some more choice American beer on Beer Fridays...

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