2011 Summer Intern: Lucas


Lucas Simons found AllSet Learning through his internship in his CET study abroad program. Lucas was eager to do an internship where he could use his Chinese and learn more Chinese. He came to the right place!At AllSet Learning, Lucas participated in teacher evaluations (free Chinese lessons!), evaluated study materials (including iPad apps), and helped conduct product research. In the picture, you see Lucas playing with some "Chinese character building blocks," which are designed for Chinese children studying characters. (Lucas's feedback helped us to determine that the blocks were interesting, but as a study tool, the block were actually more frustrating than useful without the proper guidance.)Lucas will be remembered especially for giving our teachers quite a challenge in the demo lessons he participated in. Everyone at AllSet appreciated his feedback.Lucas's take on the internship:

My internship at Allset was really a valuable experience. The small size of the company allowed me to get really involved in some of the projects and work closely with John and the teachers. I not only gained valuable work experience but having the chance to work with the Chinese teachers and John (and Beixi) and test different ways of teaching Chinese helped me to become a better Chinese learner.

Lucas's passion for Settlers of Catan also resulted in quite a few epic office competitions. All in all, a very productive and fun internship!

InternshipJohn Pasden