At AllSet Learning, this is what we believe:

  1. You need to learn what’s useful for you. Seriously, if you’re not going to use what’s in your Chinese textbook, or what is taught in your Chinese course, what’s the point? Choosing the right content is vital. Nothing kills motivation like boring, irrelevant content.
  2. To learn to speak better, you need to speak more. That’s why we only do one-on-one language instruction, and we emphasize communicative methods over a traditional approach.
  3. Pronunciation is important. Some learners go for years without learning correct pronunciation, due to lazy teachers or low expectations. Not us! You’ll learn proper pronunciation with us.
  4. You don’t need English to learn Chinese. The more Chinese your teacher speaks, the better. We don’t want to torture you, but we will cut the English out of your lessons ASAP.
  5. Learn on your own time; practice with your teacher. If you can read a book or listen to a podcast, you can easily learn on your own time. But you’ll still need plenty of practice with a native speaker.
  6. Mastery is more important than quantity. There’s no point in racing through each chapter of a textbook if you’re not retaining it. We slow down as much as necessary so that you can absorb more.
  7. Learning smart means using technology. No one looks up characters using the stroke counting method unless they absolutely have to. Be glad you don’t have to, and make the most of it!
  8. Keep studying, but also cultivate motivation. Studying endless vocabulary lists and grammar points is a recipe for burnout. Don’t lose site of what makes Chinese fun for you.
  9. You need to learn characters. You don’t have to learn them from day one, and you don’t need to copy characters hundreds of times. But if you’re serious about learning Chinese, you do really need to learn Chinese characters.
  10. The HSK is not the goal. Seriously, the HSK is not the goal. Even if you decide you should take it, the HSK is not the goal.