Tyler, Student

They say it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to teach a fully grown adult how to not only speak and comprehend Chinese, but to speak and comprehend Chinese in a way that can be effectively employed in real life. Although the traditional classroom environment established a solid foundation for my Chinese language studies, it was not until enrolling at AllSet Learning that I was able to detect and correct my deficiencies. With the expert assistance of John and a team of teachers, I was able to fine tune my tones, expand my vocabulary, and strengthen my grasp on those pesky grammar points that always seem to elude my tongue throughout the span of everyday discourse. Most Chinese classes can tell you the HOW but not the WHY of the Chinese grammar; AllSet’s unique approach fills in those blanks — and a lot more. John’s background as an academic linguist, plus his ability to empathize with the struggles of native English-speaking adult learners, elevates AllSet to a unique place at the top of Shanghai’s crowded Mandarin learning marketplace. Big thanks to everyone at AllSet for a great experience!