Adam Thurland, Graphic Designer

In the past I had found the range of different learning methods available for studying the Chinese language to be quite daunting and I had wasted a great deal of time testing these different methods, trying to find something that worked for me.

I think this has been where AllSet Learning has provided me with the most help, by using the consultancy service you are already tapped in to a wealth of knowledge with regard to Chinese learning, the company has a researched and solid grasp of the methods that really work.

I have been able to really mix things up but without becoming overwhelmed. I have my regular teacher but AllSet Learning also provides me with the option to change at anytime or combine two teachers on different days, this has been supplemented with regular group exercises and the use of various simple to use computer software. With all this combined I have managed to keep my interest level high and progress consistent avoiding the risk of the study becoming stagnant.