Learn “Just the Basics” of Chinese Grammar with our New ebook

The Chinese Grammar Wiki BOOK: Elementary edition (Amazon, iBooks) has proven popular among many learners, but some learners have been asking for something simpler and less comprehensive just to get started, so we selected just the 26 grammar points that a beginner needs and put them into a new, much shorter ebook for the sweet price of just $0.99:

Chinese Grammar Wiki BOOK: Just the Basics

The ePub ebook on the AllSet Learning Store is DRM-free (meaning you can easily copy it between devices and ebook reader apps), whereas the iBooks version must be downloaded through Apple and read on the iBooks app (it is DRM-ful). The DRM-free version can also be copied into iBooks and Kindle, or any other ebook reader app.

Want to buy the book on Kindle? We’d like to offer this new ebook through Amazon as well, but Amazon KDP has a mystifying new ebook policy under which books containing Chinese text get rejected. Yes, our previous Chinese Grammar Wiki ebook is still on Amazon, and it works fine. Yes, our ebooks use Unicode encoding and standard fonts. It’s not a technical problem. But somehow Amazon has decided to reject all Chinese. (If anyone knows of a way to talk some sense into Amazon and allow our books to be published, please help!)

In the meantime, if you buy the book from our online store, that ePub version can still be read using the Kindle app.

A print version is also coming (which Amazon should be willing to stock), and will be a bit over 100 pages long.