2016 Spring Intern: Callan



Callan Mossman, from the Chinese Flagship Program, interned at AllSet Learning as part of her year-long program after having already studied four years of Chinese. Callan's Chinese was great, and since she had a flair for creative writing, spent a lot of time working on marketing and the creative side of our upcoming grammar exercises.

I started interning with AllSet Learning as a means of fulfilling requirements for the internship phase of my Capstone year abroad. That being said, working at AllSet has been an invaluable experience, and I’m grateful to the AllSet team (John, Weiwei and Chen Shishuang) for all of their support and guidance in these past four months.Through this internship, I’ve had the opportunity to gain insight into the professional world and acquire relevant work experience, while also improving my proficiency in Chinese. Over the past four months, I’ve had a variety of daily tasks ranging from social media marketing and writing blog posts to Chinese Grammar Wiki editing and reviewing new textbook lessons. I also had the chance to work with my fellow intern, Amanda, and create grammar exercises as part of a grammar workbook the company was developing. By working on this particular assignment, I feel I gained immeasurable experience and a better appreciation for project management.Hands down, the best part of this internship has been working alongside John, Weiwei and Chen Shishuang. Thank you, John, for giving me the opportunity to work at AllSet. I’ve really appreciated your support and patience, especially as I explained my ideas about the grammar workbook. Thank you also to Chen Shishuang and Weiwei, our conversations really helped further my understanding of the Chinese culture and language, and I will miss your warm and bubbly personalities. Thank you!

We had a lot of fun exploring Callan's many ideas for our grammar exercises. Come back and visit anytime, Callan!

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