2011 Summer Intern: Hugh

Hugh Grigg approached AllSet Learning about an internship on his own, and as author of the well-written “Chinese study blog” East Asia Student, he was a shoo-in. Hugh is studying East Asian studies at Cambridge, and did his summer internship in Shanghai before heading to Qingdao for an academic year of study.

At AllSet Hugh helped a lot with academic research, helping John to bring together various useful information for AllSet clients. He also provided feedback on various study materials, participated in demo lessons, and even played a role in AllSet’s teacher training. Hugh’s strong writing skills and knowledge of Chinese proved an invaluable resource, and we’re sorry to see him go!

Hugh’s take on his internship:

Interning at AllSet Learning has been a real eye-opener for what a
modern education company can do. I’ve been really impressed with the
methods used here and the projects AllSet Learning is working on. The
time has flown by, but I think my Chinese has noticeably improved in
these six short weeks. All in all, interning at AllSet has been a
worthwhile and memorable experience. The office banter isn’t too bad

While at AllSet, Hugh also discovered Shanghai’s diviest dive bar, C’s, and got an eyebrow piercing (as you do). But we’re not publicly claiming responsibility for those!