2011 Fall Intern: Greg


Greg McAndrews carried on the CET legacy of hard-working interns at the AllSet Learning office in fall, 2011. Greg offered a good, critical view in helping us review learning materials, and was also very willing to try out some new learning methods to work on his own tones.A lot of what Greg did revolved around helping us organize our grammar resources, but he enjoyed a wide range of activities such as participating in a tone pair drills case study, reviewing video resources, and researching romanization methods.Greg's own words on the experience:

During the time I've spent here at AllSet, not only has my spoken Chinese become substantially better, but I've also been exposed to several different learning styles that have certainly put me on my way to improving my Mandarin skills across the board. Whether it was relearning grammar structures that I had long forgotten, realizing exactly how abhorrent my tones actually were, or just participating in everyday Chinese office banter, my time here has been extremely productive toward my Mandarin education, and I really couldn't have done it anywhere else but at AllSet Learning.

Apparently CET interns have a thing for Settlers of Catan, because Greg was also really into it. (Don't worry, Greg; you'll win some day!)

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