AllSet Learning has been building custom courses for clients in Shanghai since 2010, and the experience gained has led us to build the following themed courses.

Discussion Courses

If speaking practice is what you need, these courses offer exactly that, while also providing some focus on key pronunciation issues, grammar points, and vocabulary words. Our courses cover topics that are much fresher and more modern than what you can find in textbooks.

  • This Modern Chinese Life (Intermediate)

    Modern life in a city like Beijing or Shanghai is nothing like it was 10 years ago. WeChat, mobile payments, and on-demand everything have revolutionized everything, and your textbooks are all a lie! Learn to discuss the key ways in which technology pervades daily life in China.

  • Business Concepts That Matter (Upper Intermediate)

    If you can handle some fairly abstract discussions, this course provides great insight into various business issues facing the modern businessperson. This course also integrates short online audio clips (with transcript) for a unique, nuanced learning experience.

Book Club Courses

These courses are designed to enhance the experience of reading Mandarin Companion’s graded readers and provide additional speaking practice.

  • The Secret Garden

    Mandarin Companion’s classic story, adopted from the British classic The Secret Garden. You’ll be surprised at how deep of a story can be told with only 300 characters, leaving ample room for discussion.

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Curly Haired Company

    Mandarin Companion’s top seller, this one is based on a classic Sherlock Holmes story, but all with Shanghai flair. If you’ve never discussed a mystery in Chinese, this is your chance. Using just 300 characters, you won’t be stumped by vocabulary overload.

  • The Ransom of Red Chief

    Probably the simplest but funniest Mandarin Companion has to offer. If you’re looking for less challenging reading and more talking, or just like to reminisce about funny childhood antics, this story is for you!

Grammar Courses

These courses are designed to accompany self-study of the Chinese Grammar Wiki and provide additional speaking practice.

  • A2 Chinese Grammar (Part 1)

    There’s a good chance you’ve studied all of these grammar points, but you’re not used to actually using them in your spoken Chinese. We’ll help you fix that!

  • A2 Chinese Grammar (Part 2)

    As you approach Intermediate the level, there are certain A2 grammar points that need special attention and extra practice. Get it here!

  • B1 Chinese Grammar (Part 1)

    This course covers the basic stuff that Intermediate learners usually “know” but aren’t actually great at using in their spoken Chinese. We ease you into it by starting with some of the more complex usages of already-familiar words.

  • B1 Chinese Grammar (Part 2)

    More key points for Intermediate learners! Part 2 delves into some of the really complex patterns that form the core of what learners at this level really need to master before progressing onto Upper Intermediate (B2).

Client Testimonial

Here’s what learner Paul had to say about his experience with AllSet Learning’s courses:

“Before the AllSet Learning Online Grammar Lessons, I struggled for a long time to find a reliable solution to learning Chinese with online tutors. Previously, I had issues with tutors who were unreliable or not very good teachers, struggled to find topics to discuss, and always needed to help a new tutor figure out my level and what I know. All of those issues have been solved with the AllSet Learning Online Grammar Lessons. First of all, the teachers are fantastic and very reliable. I have never had a teacher be late or miss a class. The teachers quickly adapted to my Chinese level and have a great style of teaching. Because the lessons are sent to me ahead of each class, I have time to prepare for the lesson to get more out of the lesson, but also to free up time for more one-on-one conversations.

“To be clear, the lessons are not just about learning grammar. The grammar points are there and you do learn them; however, the grammar points really just provide a framework for each lesson, with the lesson mainly being a fun and great way to improve speaking ability and listening comprehension.

“You could roll the dice with other online tutoring services (like I did) and maybe come across a good tutor after searching for awhile (like I didn’t), but I would strongly recommend that you try out AllSet Learning’s Online Grammar Lessons first. They will save you so much time and frustration and you will progress more rapidly that you would think possible and have fun while doing it.”

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