Interested in interning at AllSet Learning? We’d love to have you! You can read about what our past interns have done, but below are our specific job requirements.

Academic & Marketing Intern Position [中文]

Company Introduction: AllSet Learning is a learning consultancy specializing in the creation and execution of personalized 1-on-1 Mandarin training for professional clients in Shanghai. AllSet Learning is not a school, and offers services that go well beyond the scope of a school, including the integration of the latest learning technology (tablet computers, corpus analysis, SRS, etc.). At the same time, AllSet Learning is also developing graded readers and online resources for learners of Mandarin Chinese, including the Chinese Grammar Wiki (the largest resource for Chinese grammar on the Internet), and AllSet Learning Pinyin (an interaction aid for learning pinyin on the iPad). Position Accountabilities/Key Responsibilities:
  • Edit the Chinese Grammar Wiki and other AllSet Learning online resources
  • Blog post writing/editing for company news in an upbeat, interesting style
  • Social media management: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.
  • Product marketing brainstorming and innovation
  • Serve as a test student for demo Chinese lessons as part of teacher training
  • Review Chinese language learning materials and software from a learner’s perspective
  • Help with the testing of our products, educational websites and software
  • Research Chinese pedagogical questions and contribute to study material
Position Specifications/ Requirements:
  • A positive, can-do attitude (not afraid to use imperfect Chinese)
  • Basic proficiency in Mandarin Chinese is a must; intermediate to advanced proficiency will expand the scope of projects you can work on
  • Familiarity with Apple products (especially iPad), or owning a MacBook, iPhone, iPad is a big plus
  • Knowledge of basic HTML is a big plus
  • Interns that are not camera-shy may have some additional fun video-related tasks
  • Not so much “multi-tasking” as getting super immersed in each task and being thorough. Being detail-oriented and capable of working without constant supervision are both musts!
  • Proven ability to prioritize assignments/projects.
You can read more about AllSet Learning’s past interns have done on AllSet Learning’s company website.

AllSet Learning实习职位 [English]

公司简介: AllSet Learning成立于2010年,是一家通过整合中文学习资源,提供个性化一对一咨询服务的公司。公司致力于将现代科技与国际权威语言教学相结合,拥有独立开发的内部共享平台、中文学习软件、分级读物等资源。其中,公司的Chinese Grammar Wiki是目前最大的在线中文语法整合网站。独特的服务理念和发展模式深受客户好评,在业界享有良好声誉,在国内对外汉语行业中独树一帜。 工作职责:
  • 编辑Chinese Grammar Wiki和公司其他在线资源。
  • 为公司研发的在线资源、中文教材等产品进行测试、提供建议。
  • 撰写和编辑公司的博客和相关文章。
  • 参与运营公司的社交媒体,包括:Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube等 。
  • 参与市场推广及新项目的头脑风暴与创新。
  • 从学习者角度审核汉语学习产品及软件。
  • 测试新产品、教育网站及相关软件。
  • 调研汉语相关的学术问题,辅助开发新的学习材料。
  • 积极乐观,勤奋好学(敢于用中文交流)。
  • 汉语基本熟练。汉语中高级水平者将有更多工作内容可选。
  • 如果喜欢出镜,有机会负责视频拍摄相关任务。
  • 有能力自我管理、同时应对多种工作任务、合理安排工作优先级。
  • 擅长使用苹果产品,若有自己的MacBook, iPhone, iPad等优先考虑。
  • 会使用HTML 或相关软件优先考虑。